Fully equipped modern workshops

Dieselservice Stokking bv have two workshops, specially designed and equipped for the different types of specialist work we carry out. We use the latest equipment and professional tools.

Precise measurements on fuel pumps

We test fuel pumps electronically on our test benches, allowing the slightest deviation from the factory settings to be quickly detected and facilitating speedy and efficient repairs.

Exact engine fault diagnosis

Our systems technicians use measuring equipment by Bosch, Delphi (Lucas) and Denso to accurately read out the engine management fault codes, exposing any defects in the engine.

Honest advice

A defective component doesn't always require replacement: a proper repair can often allow it to continue to function correctly for an extended period. Our technician's therefore begin many jobs by thoroughly investigating and testing the component. When it appears that a repair will suffice we always consider which alternative, repair or replacement, will be most advantageous for you.

Repairs: a professional job, guaranteed

Each of our specialists attends an applications course at least twice a year, to ensure that they are completely up to date with the latest technical developments and can make use of the latest techniques. Together with their passion for the job, their current knowledge guarantees that every repair we complete is a professional job and provides a durable solution.

Replacement: components from reputable dealers

Inevitably some components have gone beyond the point where we could recommend a repair. In that case we can replace the parts, using components from reputable manufacturers like Bosch,

Delphi (Lucas), Zexel and Denso. We carry turbochargers from KKK, Garrett and Holset among others.

Dieselservice Stokking

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