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Service package.

repairs and overhauls of fuel pumps, nozzelss, starter motors and alternators. repairs to heater units read-out and repair of vehicle electrical systems sale of various makes of fuel pumps, nozzels, starter motors, alternators, turbochargers, filters and V-belts. ultrasonic cleaning of petrol injectors.

Assistance with technical issues.

All our operatives can call on extensive expertise and familiarity with virtually all diesel-powered vehicles and vessels, equipment and machines, allowing them to identify the optimal solution to almost any technical problem.

Vehicle electrics.

When faults occur in the vehicle's electrical system or there are problems with starting, our engineers are able to identify and rectify the underlying cause. This may for example involve the replacement or overhaul of the starter motor or alternator.

Common rail systems.

We can overhaul and test the full range of common rail high-pressure pumps and injectors manufactured by Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemens. 
This all takes in our specially equipped clean room. We supply new pumps and have a huge stock of fully overhauled exchange pumps.

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